I'm a lifelong Six Million Dollar Man and Bionic Woman fan.  I've been podcasting for over six years now and produce this as well as a number of other podacsts on The Chronic Rift Network.  My biggest claims to bionic fame would have to be my appearances on a couple of COZI-TV specials promoting both bionic series and my getting to introduce Lee Majors & Lindsay Wagner at DragonCon 2013, the latter of which you can hear as a podcast on this website.


It's scary just how sexy Paul K. Bisson is.  From his super silky tones which you can hear on Restaurant Stakeout each week on The Food Network to his being "the voice" of The Chronic Rift Network, Paul has a tone that can catch anyone's attention.  His laughter is infectious and his humor is razor sharp.  His fandom is lifelong, as is John's, but goes even deeper, thanks to his appearances on the Time Life DVD collection extras for The Six Million Dollar Man series and his creation of the long-running BIONIFANS.net, the forum for fans of the bionic series on the net.

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