Cyborgs: A Bionic Podcast returns with ALL-NEW episodes — starting with our Case File interview with veteran TV director Alan J. Levi (The Invisible Man, Battlestar Galactica, The Incredible Hulk, Airwolf, Magnum P.I., Quantum Leap, Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman, ER, JAG, NCIS, Buffy the Vampire Slayer). Paul K. Bisson talks with Alan about his life, career, and directing some of most memorable episodes of THE BIONIC WOMAN — including Angel of Mercy, The Deadly Missiles, Mirror Image, Road to Nashville, Sister Jaime, Biofeedback, Deadly Ringer, Beyond the Call, The Night Demon, Once a Thief, African Connection, and Escape to Love.

00:00:00  SHOW OPEN

00:01:15  Paul introduces Alan

00:04:25  Alan's beginnings

00:06:00  "Good News" / "Keep Your Spirits High"

00:10:20  Dick Powell / Seven Week Education / Dumbest Answer

00:15:35  June Allyson / Dick’s Death / Interesting Chain of Events

00:18:00  Stubborn / Richard Powell, Jr. / “I Have A Story to Tell You”


00:19:20  BREAK / Kenneth Johnson Bumper / Forgotten TV Promo

00:20:20  Heeding Dick’s — and Dad’s — Advice / Engineering First / Full Scholarship

00:23:10  Back to Saint Louis / Building a Car From Scratch / 2000 Hours of Live TV

00:25:15  “National Velvet” & “Father of the Bride” / Inventing VidiFilm / NASA

00:32:00  Leslie Stevens / Harve Bennett / “The Invisible Man” / “Gemini Man”

00:35:30  BREAK / Robbie Rist Bumper / Bionic Woman on DVD Promo


00:36:35  Six Million Dollar Man & Bionic Woman / Steve vs. Jaime

00:39:45  Let’s Talk About the Bionic Woman / “Angel of Mercy” / Working with Lindsay Wagner / Holy Trio with Kenny Johnson, and James D. Parriot / Bringing in Enzo A. Martinelli

00:44:25  “The Deadly Missiles” / Lindsay’s Aches and Pains / Forrest Tucker: “I drink all day long.”

00:46:50  “Mirror Image,” “Deadly Ringer” / Screaming at Lindsay

00:51:35  “Road to Nashville” / No Lip-sync — Lindsay Sings Live

00:54:25  “Sister Jaime” / Out of Habit — Alan’s Faux Pas / “Flock Out of Here”

00:56:30  “Biofeedback” / Lindsay’s Transition / Lindsay’s Input

00:58:35  “Beyond the Call” / Lindsay’s Finesse / “The Night Demon” / Night Filming

01:01:20  “Once A Thief” / Crew Names / One of Alan’s Biggest Compliments / Style

01:05:20  “African Connection” / Inferior ‘Angel of Mercy’

01:07:35  “Escape to Love” / . . .

01:08:35  BREAK / Lee Majors Bumper / “Sharks” ABC Promo

01:09:10  “Sharks” (Six Million Dollar Man) / Lindsay’s Permission

01:11:15  “The Return of the Incredible Hulk” / Kenny Asks Alan to Direct

01:13:55  “Scruples” / Lindsay Gets Alan to Direct / Lindsay Goes to Bat

01:17:30  “The Last Song” / ‘Lynda Carter Is Terrific But Not My Best Work’

01:19:46  IMDb Roll-Call / “Bionic Showdown” / Sandra Bullock / The Kiss

01:24:55  IMDb Roll-Call Continues / Donald Bellsisario / “Quantum Leap”

01:25:30  The “J” in Alan J. Levi / “J-Gate”

01:27:00  Thank you, Alan J. Levi / SHOW OUTRO / Alan J. Levi Bumper

For more information about Alan J. Levi, visit his official website at

Clips of Bionic Woman promos provided by James Sherrard. Watch them at his website, It's the longest-running fan site devoted to the Bionic Woman chock-full of Top Secret information about the show.


The “Escape to Love” cover music was performed by composer, Dimitri Dodoras.


All other non-original music and clips are copyright their respective owners and used in this podcast for criticism, comment, and review purposes.


Cyborgs: A Bionic Podcast is a production of the Bionic Fan Network. Visit us at BIONICFANS.NET.


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