Six Million Dollar Man Returns to Television

April 1, 2014

After a long day of dodging phony news stories, there is some good news coming out of Hollywood.  Universal Television is developing a continuation of The Six Million Dollar Man!  We say continuation as Lee Majors and Richard Anderson will reprise their roles as Steve Austin and Oscar Goldman!


Under the executive producership of David Eick and Joss Whedon, the new series will look at the aging bionic man as he trains a new bionic operative, a young high school female with a sassy attitude named Sarah.   This chosen one will be special for Steve as she will be the daughter he never had.  He will watch over her training and make sure that Oscar doesn't go too far with the missions he has in mind for her.


Fans may remember that David Eick was responsible for the failed Bionic Woman reboot a few years back.


"I've learned my lesson," says Eick.  "The fans want to see the real Steve Austin, not some reinterpretation of mine.  So why bother even recasting when Lee is available.  The scripting is proving so easy, although I do get a little tired of repeating Steve lifts his eyebrow.  Any concerns about Steve going all dark and broody should be scuttled as Joss Whedon is making sure that Sarah keeps Steve from getting depressed."


Fans can expect the new adventures of The Six Million Dollar Man to premiere on the Bravo channel in September.


Story sources: The Daily Mirror and TMZ

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